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Are we a match? 

Spirit PR: Specializing in Medical Freedom

I’m passionate about what I do for my clients because I’m fully engaged with their purpose and goals. For this to happen, our principles and ethics need to mesh. My soul goes into my work, and I need to know we see eye-to-eye on important subjects, like believing in the Creator – the Alpha and Omega – and valuing life from the time of conception.


No one is going to agree on every subject with someone else, but there are certain basic principles that make relationships possible. For example, I will not be able to work with a Marxist who believes the sexualization of children promoted by “Woke” culture is OK. However, I will enthusiastically work with a person of faith who realizes God has a plan for their life, and attempting to save lives (both physically and spiritually) is what drives them.


Because of my role as an associate producer for The Robert Scott Bell Show, I understand what media looks for in a story and how to deliver it. Interviews are important for both parties involved, and through the experience of being on both sides of the pitch, I am better able to deliver your message. 

Contact me, and let’s determine if we’re a good fit for one another. 


Services we offer


Learn your story to successfully pitch to media outlets - online (recorded and live) shows, podcasts, and print. Includes media training to prepare you for interviews.

Speaking Engagements

Seek out upcoming in-person and online events where your important story can be told. Let us handle the behind-the-scenes work. 


Your story will create its own network of contacts and with our database of contacts, your story will get in front of people who can help and who care.

Expo Representation

You can have professional representation at events that offer booths/tables for your informational purposes. These events are vital for your brand, and your story is your brand.

Billboard Coordination

Getting your message out of the echo chamber is easily accomplished through the use of billboards. We can help you create and procure these opportunities.

Press Releases, Newsletters & Blogs

Getting your message out through various avenues means increased opportunities for your followers and non-followers alike to see your story.

Website Creation

If you need a new or updated website, we can facilitate the project and take the stress off of you.

Video Packages

Custom videos are a great way to succinctly provide your story to prospective hosts and event coordinators. 

Social Media

Let us help you navigate the world of social media! We can help with whatever platforms you choose. 

Additional Services

Additional services coming soon!

Spirit PR Masterclass

In addition to getting your story out to the masses through podcasts, print and digital media, Spirit PR provides a unique opportunity in the form of a masterclass for all Spirit PR clients. This value-added service grants members (all clients are members of our Private Membership Association) an exciting path to a network that has no ceiling! 

This is a place where members are able to tell their stories, share their mission, share their strengths and even their weaknesses! This is a group that appreciates honesty and humility. The Masterclass gives members the opportunity to ask for help from other members, and to share connections with one another. 

One of the things I miss the most about the military is the camaraderie we shared. When you moved to a new base or went to training, you were welcomed and valued from the moment of your arrival. Spirit PR clients (members) are a raw, motivated group that seeks both personal growth and business development. The Spirit PR Masterclass brings that camaraderie back to our relationships!

Other firms charge thousands of dollars for something this monumental and effective, but that is what sets Spirit PR apart from our competitors. It is not and never has been about money - it’s about connection! 

The moment a client signs, they are eligible to take part in these amazing sessions! 

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